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ONCA Gallery 3-11 June 2017

Private view Sat 3 June 4-8pm


Two artists who push the boundaries of disability arts come together for a groundbreaking exhibition exploring the physicality and metaphorical qualities of the eye, identity and place.


Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings is a deaf textile artist of Sudanese and Arab heritage, Miranda Ellis is a glass artist specialising in sculptural pieces.  Both of their works are united by the eye as a central theme, although the concepts and ideas explored in Eye2Eye are many and layered.


The eye is akin to a small world; it both projects and takes in light. Simultaneously it is a window to the wider world, and to the soul. The eye expresses our joy and our pain and allows us insight into the complexities and experiences of each person.


Eye2Eye shares differences of perspectives between hearing and non-hearing people, identity and place. This has inspired the artists to look inwardly and begin expressing how they felt, not just about their eyes, but about the inward journey of the visual and the outward journey of what and how we see.


Their collaborative installation at ONCA gallery in Brighton takes the viewer on a labyrinthine journey. The artists have created a space that is welcoming and easily navigated by the deaf community and relates to the deaf experience, but perhaps most importantly, an artwork that BSL users can identify with.


Artist Miranda Ellis says: ‘I’m very excited to be collaborating with textile artist, Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings on this Arts council funded project “Eye2Eye”. We share a similar fascination with transparency, layering, obscurity and identities. Challenging and overcoming differences in perspective is part of the collaborative process and of the materials themselves, which we are excited by. Throughout this process we have aimed to create work, which will have a connection and a relevance to a wide and varied audience.’


The exploration of the deaf and hearing perspective, which is central to the collaboration is perhaps most successfully expressed in the main installation in which glass sculptures, interspersed with textiles layers and a “retinal window” offers a union of the artists different perspectives creating a universal eye.


Notes to editors:

The gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm and Sunday 12-4pm.

·         +44 (0)1273 607101


Supported by Arts Council England

Omeima and Miranda have been developing their collaborative project for 1 year.

Miranda Ellis: 07878435790 & Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings: 07521312752

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