This sensitive and thought provoking installation is due to be hosted at the trailblazing environmentally and socially conscious ONCA Gallery, Brighton in June 2017. ONCA has garnered an excellent reputation for it's work curating exhibitions, performances and outreach events that ask questions, tell stories and initiate conversations.

Embracing this concept wholeheartedly, Eye2Eye is a collaborative visual art project by Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings and Miranda Ellis to explore themes of deafness, deaf & hearing space, discrimination, cultural identity and ways of seeing and being. Socially conceptual and immediately relevant given the unnerving political climate, this reflective installation also showcases the work of two artists exceptionally talented in their respective fields and media. Seeking out new collaborative possibilities with fused / cast glass and textiles, this promises to deliver not only thought provoking but beautiful pieces.

The work focuses on the eye as metaphor creating an installation that embodies these individual and collective experiences and points of view through the weave of different art disciplines including:


  • the different ways that we physiologically and psychologically orienteer space to be seen, sustained and understood; embodied through art materials.

  • the tensions and challenges in having a different point of view which underpins an artistic collaboration.

  • the different ways of seeing and being which is inherent in the deaf and hearing lived experience.


Prior to this process, both artists have found a very personal connection which has fuelled an ongoing discussion to create an installation where the textile and the glass communicate to each other in space.

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We would like to extend a huge thank you to Shape Arts for making this exhibition a reality with your generous advice and project support.

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