Omeima Mudawi Rowlings

"I particularly liked the ethereal quality of Mudawi-Rowlings work. My Two Worlds is a box with two layers of printed silk set at a distance. There is an immediate sense of describing living in two cultures at the same time; whether the artist is talking about cultures of race or disability. The image could represent a spine on its side or something more emblematic“ 

Quote from Disability Arts Online (DAO)

Omeima is a Sudanese textile artist with a specialist who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.

Omeima’s work explores themes of identity, deafness, faith and womanhood.

Winner of the Adam Reynolds Bursary Award through Shape Arts in 2014, last year, Omeima took up an International artist residency in Qatar with the support of the British Council with an exhibition of her work staged at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha - the first ever exhibition by disabled artists in the museum space.  This was followed by a solo exhibition - Endless Flow - at the Arab British Centre, London at the end of 2015. Her work has been  featured in Arabic Weekly magazine and the Al-Kharaf magazine programme. Omeima is also an experienced facilitator, workshop leader, deaf awareness trainer & deaf role model.



Miranda Ellis

"Strikingly interactive, meditative and affecting, these glass sculptures posess the rare ability to alter your perception of the immediate environment.” 

Quote from May festival 2016 visitor.

Miranda Ellis works in figurative sculpture and glass.  She has permanent work on show at Sussex Prairie Gardens and regularly exhibits her work alongside painter Miranda Ellis and Tony Roberts in Ditchling, Open Houses, Brighton Festival and also Driftwood  Gardens  as part of the  Artwave Festival.

She currently runs Two Horse Gallery in Brighton alongside fellow Director, Hebe Vernon Morris and has most recently taken up a short residency in Prague,  lead by Vladimir Klein using a unique  glass carving  and texturing technique.

This year Miranda work was been selected for the Curious-Projects exhibition in Eastbourne 2016. She is an experienced facilitator and workshop leader.


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